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Dear Customer, the Welcome & Safe Card is free, personal and non-transferable.

The card must always be shown before any transaction (service requests, payments…etc.). You can find the rules to join the loyalty points campaigns and how to use the Card as a Prepaid one on our website www.villaggio88welcome.it
All the benefits linked to the card, unless otherwise specified, can be requested only at “Il Villaggio88” in Viale Nora, 09010 – Pula (CA) – Italy.
In the event your card is stolen or lost, the Card Holder must inform “Il Villaggio 88” immediately in writing, in order to block the card and avoid any illicit use. The Card Holder can, at any time, cancel the card, simply by giving it back to “Il Villaggio 88”.
“Il Villaggio 88” reserves the right to cancel the Card at any time and ask for the card back in such a scenario, all the services linked to it will be revoked.

2021 Campaign

Starfish Campaign
Book the Beach Umbrella and get the PRIZES.

  • Apply for the Welcome Card
  • Earn Starfishes (1 starfish each Euro you spend) by booking the Beach Umbrella at Villaggio 88
  • Check your account and see how many Starfishes you earned and when you have earned

150 Starfishes = 1 hour of Pedalo’ of your choice

250 Starfishes = 1 hour of Beach Tennis court (rachets included)
300 Starfishes = 1 Beach Umbrella + 2 Sunbeds (Third row onward, from Monday to Friday only)
450 Starfishes = 1 Beach Umbrella + 2 Sunbeds (Third row onward) + Lunch on us with a “Tagliere” for 2 ppl
1 euro = 1 starfish